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  • Professional designs - We offer you the most flexible recipe layout designs, anywhere from the more economical "continued recipe" designs favored for fund raiser cookbooks to the more professional single-recipe-per-page designs used by the pros. You can choose from among several layouts, and further customize your choices by selecting from the dozens of fonts we offer.

  • Flexible online cookbook designer - We offer more flexibility in the design of your cookbook. Our online designer lets you choose from among many options for the layout, fonts, graphics, and features of your cookbook. And, you can see the result of your choices in seconds. You can change your design as often as you wish.

  • Unlimited Chapters - With our sophisticated online cookbook publishing software, you can create as many chapters as you want and give them whatever names you want. Each chapter introduction page can contain a list of the recipes in the chapter, an introduction (or other text you provide) of any length, or both (or neither!). All chapter introduction pages are numbered just like the rest of the pages in the book. This makes it easy to create a specialized cookbook, containing only desserts or soups or appetizers.

  • Indexes - At, your cookbook can have any of the following types of indexes, all of which are automatically generated by the software. You just select which one(s) you want and we do the rest.
    • Alphabetical ingredient index
    • Contributor index
    • Recipe index by chapter/category
    • Alphabetical Recipe index

  • Online Recipe collection - We make it so easy to collect recipes for your cookbook that you'll wonder why anybody would do it any other way! You simply provide your contributors with our Web address ( and a special password that allows them to contribute to your cookbook. Each contributor can submit as many recipes as they wish, while you, as the editor, retain complete control over all of the options and editing for the overall cookbook. They enter the recipes, you just approve them!

  • Immediate ProofingTM - By using our sophisticated, proprietary technology, you can see a proof of your cookbook right on your own computer. Within seconds of your request, we return an exact copy of your cookbook to your computer. What you see is what you get.

  • Fast turnaround - We can have your cookbooks back to you within three to four weeks of the time you submit your order. This, coupled with our online cookbook designer, online recipe collection and online Immediate Proofing technology, can turn a six month ordeal into a one or two month project. No longer do you have to go through several cycles of submitting your information, waiting for proofs, then submitting corrections and waiting for proofs. With you can make your corrections and design choices, then see the results immediately.

  • No Minimum Order - That's right, no minimum order! You can order one cookbook or a thousand - we have no minimum order. You order only as many books as you need. We keep your cookbook data in our database for up to 5 years, so you can re-order at any time.

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