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Our prices are very competitive!

You will be surprised at how affordable it can be to create and publish your own cookbook with!

For cookbooks under 200 pages and orders of 1 to 100 copies, we offer simple pricing that depends on the number of copies ordered. You can view these prices in the following drop-down list:

For cookbooks over 200 pages, or for more than 100 copies please contact us for an estimate.

The price will depend on the number of pages, the cover, the binding and the number of copies ordered.

Unlike some, we price orders over 100 copies by the page, charging you only for what you order. There are companies that price their books in a stair step price table where one additional recipe jumps you up to the next higher price range - you usually end up paying for pages you don't need!

Prices are subject to change without notice, but we will not print your order at a different price without your approval.